Meet and be inspired by the world's best photographers: Ross Harvey

23 january 2023

"I consider myself very demanding and will only use the best services for my work, as the couples I photograph are also used to having the best." - Ross Harvey

Ross Harvey is known as a photographer with a style all his own, full of elegance and creativity. As a resident in the UK, he explores the streets and people around him like canvases and creates continuous works of art with each shot.

Ross likes to simplify his work. As a photographer, he is inspired by Cinematography and Nature, where he looks for ideas and stances that can somehow impact his work.

"I often watch a movie with the sound muted, to see how these world-class cinematographers and directors of photography are using light and composition to direct and tell a story within a frame." - Ross Harvey

In music, Ross finds immense passion and inspiration - not only for photography, but also for his way of living and seeing the world. Ross finds many similarities between the two arts that he is passionate about - photography and music.

"I suppose my style came from years of practice, years of trying different things and looking at all my favorite cinematographers and photographers." - Ross Harvey

With DreambooksPro, Ross guarantees he has found a partner he can trust 100% for their quality products and fantastic service.

Ross considers that he is able to deliver a premium product and meet the expectations of its customers, as they too value the quality of the products.

"It’s a product that I can give to my couples and they often have high expectations, and they have been blown away by these albums by the quality." - Ross Harvey

For Ross, the Tuscany collection with Wood Combo Box is simply fantastic as it suits his brand and personality as a photographer perfectly.

"I’m very glad to have found DreambooksPro and be their Partner!" - Ross Harvey

Get to know a little more about Ross Harvey's life in the video below:

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