• Caribe Plus Combo Box Dreambooks Pro

    Caribe Plus Combo Box

    Thinking about in innovative solutions for common challenges, we designed the Combo Box which allows the possibility to conjugate the album with a USB flash drive and also with prints. The exterior of Caribe Combo Box is totally coated, the interior padded with velvety textile and involved by a wood rim to fit all the various products.

    Sizes & Variations. 15x15 cm / 5.9x5.9 in + USB Flash Drive | 22x15 cm / 8.6x5.9 in + USB Flash Drive | 20x20 cm / 8x8 in + USB Flash Drive | 25x25 cm / 10x10 in + USB Flash Drive | 30x25 cm / 12x10 in + USB Flash Drive | 30x30 cm / 12x12 in - Single USB Flash Drive | 35x35 / 14x14 - Single + Pen | 35x35 / 14x14 - Double | 30x40 cm / 12x16 in - Double + USB Flash Drive
    Cover Materials. Linen | Madera | Prada | Micro Leather | Soft Touch | Premium Velvet


  • Sizes & Variations

    The selection of the combo box variant occurs when you are ordering the product.

    • Album 15x15 cm/ 5.9x5.9 in

      1 USB Flash Drive

    • Album 22x15 cm/ 8.6x5.9 in

      1 USB Flash Drive

    • Album 25x25 cm/ 10x10 in

      1 USB Flash Drive

    • Album 30x30 cm/ 12x12 in

      1 USB Flash Drive
      Photos 10x15 cm/ 3.9x5.9 in

    • Album 30x25 cm/ 12x10 in

      1 USB Flash Drive
      Photos 10x15 cm/

    • Álbum 35x35 cm / 14x14 in

      1 Pen Drive

    • Álbum 35x35 / 14x14 in

      Photos 10x15 (x2)

    • Album 20x20 cm / 8x8 in

      1 USB Flash Drive

    • Album 40x30 cm / 16x12 in

      1 USB Flash Drive
      Photos 10x15 cm (x2)/ 3.9x5.9 in (x2)

  • Cover Options

    For the selected cover you can add extra features:

    • UV Varnish Dreambooks Pro

      UV Varnish

    • Gravação Laser/Fresa Dreambooks Pro

      Laser Engraving / Milling

    • Impressão UV Dreambooks Pro

      UV Printing

    • Stamping Colours Dreambooks Pro

      Stamping Colours

    • Colourless Stamping Dreambooks Pro

      Colourless Stamping

    Extra features will affect the final price of the product. For more information please refer to our price list.

  • Templates

    The choice of these templates occurs during the product’s order.

  • Cover Materials

    We put at your disposal a wide range of cover materials for the chosen product. Choose whichever you prefer, within each group of coatings.

  • Flash Drive

    Be creative and provide a greater value to your customers, by recording all photos in one of these models of USB Flash Drive that we offer! You can customise them with some phrase or a logo.

    Cork Glass Bottle Flash Drive Dreambooks Pro

    Cork Glass Bottle

    Capacity. 16GB / 32GB
    Customised. Yes

    Wood Card Flash Drive Dreambooks Pro

    Wood Card

    Capacity. 16GB / 32GB
    Customised. Yes

    Woodland Flash Drive Dreambooks Pro


    Capacity. 16GB / 32GB
    Customised. Yes

    Simple Glass Flash Drive Dreambooks Pro

    Simple Glass

    Capacity. 16GB / 32GB
    Customised. Yes

  • Downloads

    To place an order you must prepare the files for our production. This requires masks with a determined size and shape according to the product itself.


    Please download the mask that allows you to create the cover. It contains the layout for all the available cover sizes.


    You may access our download center, where you will find the masks for all our range of products.

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    Price list

    We provide the Price List exclusively for DreambooksPro customers! The list contains all the information about prices, properly collections and different features of each model.

    If you are already our customer, please Login at our software and click on "Price List".
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