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    Alasca Bag

    The Alasca Bag emerges as an alternative packaging to the traditional digital albums in a rigid briefcase. It's flexible and has several cover materials, which allow it to adjust and combine with any album. It has an opening on the top that facilitates the bag's mobility giving it an exquisite touch.

    Sizes (cm). 20x20 | 25x25 | 20x30/30x20 | 25x30/30x25 | 30x30 | 30x40/40x30 | 35x35 | 38x38 | 30x45/45x30 | 35x45/45x35
    Sizes (in). 8x8 | 10x10 | 8x12/12x8 | 10x12/12x10 | 12x12 | 12x16/16x12 | 14x14 | 15x15 | 12x18/18x12 | 14x18/18x14
    Cover Materials. Prestige | Colours | Classic | Synthetic | Textured | Vinyl


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