Support and quality control

Quality control
Your satisfaction is our priority, all your products go through three stages of quality control to ensure that everything is perfect down to the smallest detail. We take care of you from the moment you receive your order to the moment you send it to us and all the manufacturing processes of the products are closely followed by professionals specialized in printing.
Support and follow-up
Dreambookspro has a customer service team always ready to support you. It is available to help you with any doubts, following the order process or even informing about the status and status of the product. We also have a dedicated sales team specialized in making your business grow through the sale of photographic products, because your success is our success.

Built to last

Coatings and colours

High quality materials
We have a wide range of high quality materials, we have a wide variety of coatings that stand out for their visual appeal and the pleasure of touch. They are worked by experienced craftsmen who have perfected the art of highlighting the best qualities of each coating. Printing papers also stand out not only for their variety but also for their quality, as they come from worldwide certified brands such as Fujifilm and Hahnemühle.
Daily colour tests
The printing quality is directly related to the colour, for this reason every day colour proofs are carried out by a specialised and certified print technician. Then the appropriate calibrations are made on the printing equipment, making sure that the colours of your products are always in accordance with the files you send us. All products are printed and checked with great care and affection, so that the quality of the colours will surprise your customers.


Environmental Concerns

Use of plastic
One of our main concerns is to reduce the use of plastic in our packaging as much as possible, without ever neglecting safety and care for your products. For the little amount of plastic we still use we are concerned that it is from reusable sources, and we recommend that after receiving the order the recycling cycle continues.
Printing and chemical treatment
We use advanced printing techniques using state-of-the-art equipment that is at the forefront of printing. One of the main characteristics of our machines is to reduce the waste of raw materials as much as possible, so that only what is strictly necessary is used. The chemicals used in the printing process are handled by a specialised and certified company so that the impact of chemicals on the environment is kept to a minimum.
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