7 marketing strategies for photographers

March 9, 2022

One of the biggest challenges for photographers and photography studios is to increase their visibility in the market through online strategies. Highlighting their work in the digital world and increasing brand recognition, with the ultimate goal of generating more contacts, is an increasingly difficult task. 

Thus, it is essential to plan and implement marketing strategies for photographers that allow you to meet the goals and objectives defined.

Do you want to know how? Today we share with you 7 marketing strategies that will help photographers like you grow on digital and reach more potential clients.

1. Create a professional website 

Having a good website is the first step for a company to stand out in the digital environment. This channel is ideal to show the public your portfolio of photography services, as well as all relevant information about your company. 

A website is a 24/7 online shop that allows you to connect with potential clients and reinforce your brand identity.

It is important that the website is coherent and balanced - a balance between design and functionality can go a long way with potential customers. Ensure that your website's image is of the same quality that you put into your work and you will certainly have a channel that fits your company.

Don't forget that the main purpose of your website is to promote your work and add value to your brand, so pay attention to the most important page of all: portfolio! Invest in high quality images and videos that show your versatility and unique vision. 

If possible, you can add testimonials from your clients about their experience with your photography services. This is a great way to convince other potential clients to contact you!

2. Optimize your website with SEO strategies

In addition to having an attractive and functional website, it is necessary to have visibility. To do so, you should invest in an SEO positioning strategy in order to position your website in the first search results when users make specific queries related to your activity.  

For example, would it be relevant for you to appear when someone searches on Google for "professional wedding photographers"? Then you have to invest in SEO so that potential customers looking for the services you offer will find your website.

The first step in optimizing your website includes researching keywords related to your business and services. You should do a careful search and define the most relevant keywords.

3. Produce content that is relevant and related to your area of work

Content Marketing is a great marketing strategy for photographers as it is focused on creating and publishing relevant content for the audience. The main goal of this strategy is to attract the attention of potential clients with content that adds value, informs and educates.

The focus of these contents should be entirely placed on the users and their needs, in order to attract their interest and create engagement with your brand.

Content Marketing can be implemented in different channels, such as the website, blog, social networks, own platforms for portfolio promotion, etc.

Videos are an excellent format for Content Marketing to engage with the audience and sell your service indirectly, and can be used and shared on several digital channels.

4. Invest in E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing focuses on communication with the user and on informing clients and potential clients about your business. With this strategy it is possible to personalise communication according to the segmentation of your database. For example, a potential client of yours (who has not yet contracted the service) may receive a specific communication about the benefits/advantages of doing that service with you.

In short, Email Marketing is a very powerful strategy to retain customers and generate new business opportunities. Through Email Marketing you can create various communication formats that can be implemented on specific occasions or to mark relevant dates.

For example, you can create an email to mark special dates, such as birthdays or commemorative seasons like Photo Day.  

5. Use social media to promote your work

Today, social media are one of the main advertising tools for a business. They are essential for creating connections, building community, providing value and standing out from the competition. As they are a great platform for bonding, social media is the ideal way to share your work and creative vision.

But it's not enough just to share your photos in any way! You should work on your relationship with your audience and make them feel an affinity with your brand. Include a story, an opinion, a question, a detail about the object of the photo or some kind of valuable information that will captivate the interest and emotions of your audience.

6. Value networking

Meeting other photographers is one of the best ways to keep learning and improving, whether it's by being inspired by their work or by the knowledge in their advice. Exchanging experiences with other photographers can only enrich you and open horizons!

Participating in events is also an excellent option to get to know the work of other professionals and, who knows, to create relevant partnerships for your business.

7. Choose the right partners 

And speaking of partnerships, it's important that you choose the right partner to boost the growth of your business. Look for brands or companies with the same values as yours and that will add value to you and your potential customers!

When it comes to choosing a print partner, look for an offer on the market that translates into the highest possible quality for your customers. There is no point in taking great care of your service and your digital presence if you do not choose a partner with the same concerns and who is able to live up to your business. 

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