Make the Christmas sessions more profitable through the 5 senses

14 October 2022

The secret to getting the most out of your Christmas sessions is not just about taking good photos, you also need to have a business perspective. Now that you've got everything prepared and you're already doing the sessions, you must take advantage of the fact that clients are in your space and interested in your work, to get the most out of the sessions.

One of the most effective strategies is to stimulate your customers' senses, creating the perfect atmosphere to provide a positive experience and consequently increase your sales.

1. Smell

Smell is one of the most powerful senses, because it brings back memories, and when well stimulated, it is immediately associated with memories. Before the client arrives at your studio, place some scent related to Christmas, such as a cinnamon, ginger or orange candle. Surely they will remember the family moments, the Christmas dinner and all the preparations that surround this moment.

2. Hearing

Hearing, along with smell, is the sense that most recalls memories, so, having a Christmas playlist playing during the session is a great strategy to create a good atmosphere and connect this moment to Christmas and the happy memories it brings. Pay attention to the positioning of the speakers and the volume of the music so that you don't turn a pleasant moment into a less positive experience.

3. Taste

Offering tea, biscuits or other Christmas-related snacks whenever possible will take away the feeling of waiting, turning negative aspects into something more pleasant. This way, your customers will be in a good mood the whole time they are at your studio.

4. Vision

Another powerful sense is vision, so it's very important to have everything tidy in your studio when receiving your customers. Besides the Christmas decor, the shop window and the positioning of the products have to be well thought out to catch your customers' attention, in order to increase the probability of making the sale of products that were not included in the packs.

5. Touch

It is very important to stimulate this sense, not only with accessories in the scenery so that the children can interact and have fun, and consequently take better photos, but also through the furniture, such as a comfortable sofa so that they can sit. These are the details that will make the experience pleasant and repeatable. Besides, providing real contact with the Christmas products will make all the difference. Nothing better than feeling the product, touching the coating, feeling the quality of the prints, to make the customer want to have them for themselves.

By putting into practice these suggestions that will provide positive experiences, you will create emotional bonds with customers, create loyalty and delight them. In addition, customers will be able to explore products that were not included in the packs they previously bought, stimulating the desire to buy, without having to "push" them.


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