5 tips to plan successful Christmas sessions

September 26, 2022

With Christmas getting closer and closer, it's time to plan your Christmas sessions. This festive season is always a great opportunity to create happy memories for your customers and increase your profitability. We've put together some tips to make the most of the holiday season.

1. Prepare your Christmas backdrop

The scenario possibilities are immense, from the simplest to the most elaborate scenario. Start by doing a search on Pinterest and get inspired by the various images you will find. Don't forget to include props that allow children to interact, as they will be happier and this will show in the photographs. Remember that happy children make happy parents, and this is reflected in the investment they make in your session.

2. Share your work

While you’re preparing your Christmas set, post stories, revealing some details of it. Let your customers be part of it, by leaving them questions about some of the options, such as favorite colors, props, etc., in order to create desire in your customers. When you open your schedule, share it on your social networks and don't forget to create urgency in your customers, indicating, for example, that you already have few vacancies.

3. Create your packs

Prepare a few packs to suggest to your customers, from the most affordable to the most premium. Having this offer is a great strategy to increase the average sales ticket and also attract new customers (with the offer of more affordable packs, who end up coming back for other sessions). When developing the packs, it is very important that you do it choicely so that the advantages of acquiring each one of them are evident.

4. Create partnerships

Another important strategy, both in attracting customers and in building loyalty, is to have partnerships with brands / businesses that you like and that you believe in. By establishing partnerships, you will add value to your customer and obtain publicity through the partner brand. It is very important that you choose brands that have the same target audience as yours.

5. Nobody buys what they don't see

Select your favorite products and prepare a Christmas showcase so that your customer can get to know your offer. Believe it that your customers will be more willing to have the products when they see and touch them . Take the opportunity to show them the Christmas products catalog so they can get to know all the possibilities

And now that you've read all these tips, you can start preparing your sessions! Tag us on your social networks so we can see the preparations and also share other tips that you consider important.


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