Meet and be inspired by the world's best photographers: Emilie Zangarelli

May 18, 2023

"Before I was a pregnant, newborn, family and aquatic photographer, I worked with children as a teacher for 10 years." - Emilie Zangarelli

Emilie Zangarelli is an aquatic and family photographer, recognized for her family portraits of several celebrities. Awarded in several international competitions, her work stands out for its elegance and simplicity.

As a photographer, she values natural and artificial light where she tries to reveal beauty through emotion.

It was when she became a mother that Emilie discovered her passion for photography and decided to create her own business. Her work had a remarkable repercussion that allowed her to dedicate herself exclusively to her passion for photography.

"Every day, I force myself to work hard to prove that I made the right choice." - Emilie Zangarelli

Emilie excels not only in newborn and pregnancy photography but also as a trainer of photographers, blending her two passions: photography and teaching. To help other photographers make a living from the profession they love so much, she created an academy where she conducts various workshops.

"The first advice I give is to think about finding your own style. Be yourselves, everyone else is already busy!"- Emilie Zangarelli

Emilie chose to work with DreambooksPro because of the quality of finishes and the wide choice of materials. She says it is the perfect choice to meet her customers' requirements, offering them excellent support.

"I'm in a luxury market in Paris and my clients are demanding. They are public figures, so it's very important to offer the best there is on the market."- Emilie Zangarelli

Find out a little more about Emilie Zangarelli's life in the video below:

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